domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

This week in my mailbox

I've received five letters, 3 by new penpals, one by old penpal and one letter was sent me for a penpalling project. Let's see the pics.

Letter sent from Finland by Anne. She told me about her life in small town named Hanko.

Lucia sent this letter + card from Ukraine, she wrote in Spanish.

This letter was sent me by snaimailfan (Canada), user from, she holds a project penpalling '100 days of snail mail' and my letter is 15 day. I'm glad because she chose me :)
You can see more details for her project:

Yurena sent me this letter from Belgium, she contact me via

This letter was sent me by Keri from South Africa,take more than two months to arrive!... but, finally I got it

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